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This week’s featured wedding supplier is Marius from, a multi award winning videographer offering exceptional coverage of weddings and events across Ireland.

Q: How long have you been filming weddings?
A: I always had this passion, but more seriously I started in 2003. The first 6 years were dedicated to photography, changing to videography after.

Gemma + Aaron Highlights by Promediahouse

Q: What is your videography style?
A: My style… it’s a little bit of everything, I like to mix and create the songs. My films are always moulded on the bride & groom’s personality, of course having my final touch. I love to be creative.

Q: Do you use a drone as part of your services?
A: Yes, I do. I am fully licensed and insured.

Sara + Amy Highlights by Promediahouse

Q: How do you choose the music for the film?
A: I have 2 licences, and Usually I pick a few and then mix them.

Q: Do you offer photography services as well?
A: I did, not anymore… only for family and friends (sometimes).

Lisa + Declan Teaser by Promediahouse

Q: What about live streaming? Can you describe this service a bit more?
A: Today anyone can stream with phones, but if you want to offer a top service some investment is required. We can stream up to 4 cameras, each camera having an wifi transmitter (no cables), in this way we can move the cameras or place them up to 150m without losing the signal. During the live streaming we can also add logos, pictures, short films, etc. This service can be also used for conferences, projecting the event to large screens, we had a few. For small events (weddings, masses, communions, etc.) we use bonding modems, for big event we use satellite signal.

Showreel by Promediahouse

Q: What, in your opinion, are the most important qualities in a Wedding Videographer?
A: Honesty, open minded, to be nice and always have a goal. Speaking about the goal, to not be afraid to be different, because there’s always someone who wants something different.

Q: Do you have a favourite venue or location in Ireland where you like shooting your videos?
A: Yes I have, Ballyseede Castle. I had a wedding 2 weeks ago there. Btw, I just finished the highlights 🙂

Laura + Ayokunmi Highlights by Promediahouse

Q: Any funny stories that you wish to share with us?
A: Happened last year, while trying to hang a dress to a fake roof, the dress being very heavy and very long, in seconds I’ve got 3m of the roof down! Imagine the dress with all the dust and no roof… 🙂

You can get in touch with Marius via his website or you can view some of his work on his Vimeo channel.

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